Current Research

Education for Specific Situations

Airway and Breathing

Snoring. It may be cute in babies, but the consequences are not cute, at any age. Learn more about causes, consequences and options available to stop snoring and sleep better.

Oral Bacteria the good, the bad, and the neutral

Our mouth is colonized by hundreds of different species of bacteria. Some are beneficial, some are harmful to both our oral health and systemic health, and some are neutral. Find out more about what we know, and what we don’t know, when it comes to oral bacteria.

Caries Prevention

Cavities are 100% preventable! Keeping your mouth at a neutral pH is the key.

The Dental Procedure Codes

Descriptions, frequent mistakes, important things to know when submitting a particular code.


Traumatic occlusion is one of the top causes for tooth loss (as well as sensitivity, cracks, etc). Review the assessments and different signs to look for.

Dental Implants

What are the new terms? Is it okay to attach an implant to a natural tooth? Do we probe? The research keeps coming out and changing!! Let us help you stay current.

Pregnancy and Oral Health

Have you ever heard of Porphyromonas gingivalis, or Fusobacterium nucleatum? It’s time to inform yourself about how these oral bacteria may impact your pregnancy. How to determine if you have either of these bacteria present in your mouth, and how to minimize your risk (and your baby’s risk) from them.

OSHA Infection Control

Current terms, service animals in the dental office, recommended resources (No, FaceBook is NOT a recommended resource), and more!

Oral Cancer

Oropharyngeal Cancers are on the rise! Are you prepared to talk to your patients and answer their questions?


Professionalism and Licensing

How is licensing changing for Dental Professionals?

Dental X-Rays

X-rays allow us to detect decay and infection before you become symptomatic. Early detection often leads to less invasive treatment. However; radiation exposure accumulates throughout our lifetime, so we need to be responsible in it’s use. The American Dental Association (ADA) has recommendations based on age and risk for disease, plus we will look at other sources of radiation.


Using a sugar to reduce decay? Yes, and it may minimize plaque accumulation!

Premed Guidelines

Artificial Joints? Heart repairs without synthetic material? What are the current recommendations?


Developmental Disorders and Oral Health

Developmental disorders can present specific challenges, but there are great resources available that we can utilize.


Oral Health Dictates the Code

How do you respond to our favorite line… “I just want a free cleaning?” Here’s some information to help you formulate a great response.