Patient Education PDF’s

Download and Print Our Patient Education PDF's

Bleeding Gums

Patient presents with bleeding gums. Educate them on the three main reasons for bleeding gums (Biofilm, Bacteria and Body), along with a variety of options to treat each causative component. It’s a great way to include the patient in choosing a treatment option!

Oral Bacteria

A list of common oral bacteria, with the oral-systemic conditions they are associated with. We also identify a salivary test available to determine the presence/concentration of that specific bacteria! Resources used: Pubmed, OralDNA, Oravital.

Oral Cancer

Prevention, detection and Red flags for the patient to watch for. A quick way to educate, all based on information from The Oral Cancer Foundation.

Oral Health Assessment

A great tool to review the appointment with the patient. Copy it for them to take home! Bleeding gums, caries prevention, oral cancer, normal BP and HbA1c. Plus a diagram to include any notes or places they need to pay attention to.

Oral Health Risk Assessment

Rather than taking the time to fill out the caries risk assessment, periodontal disease risk assessment and oral cancer risk assessment, we have combined them into one assessment! A great tool to educate the patient on how their health and habits affects oral health.

Periodontal Evaluation

Use the color coded assessment to objectively teach your patient how the health of their mouth dictates the “cleaning code.” It is also helpful to determine best cleaning frequency. Based on the 2019 CDT codes.

Tooth Decay

Prevention, Remineralization and Restoration. As RDH’s, we have a variety of tools in our tool belt for Prevention and Remineralization. Educate the patient and include them on the decision making process!